Is mark foster dating colin jackson

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make it social, you’re more likely to keep doing it as you don’t want to let people down. You’re doing it with someone else, you share the goal, you share the pain.

Right, now that part of the official biography is out of the way, let's get down to the juicy bits. OK then, how about being thrown out of the Olympic Village in Sydney? George may look as though he could tear you limb from limb, but he turns out to be every bit as gentle as his human chum.

I won my first senior national title when I was 15. Quite possibly, he is exactly what British swimming needs.

The international events, that's where it's at."Foster has been branded "the bad boy of British swimming," partly as a result of a couple of brushes with the police when he was a teenager, one of which involved using money obtained by deception, and partly because of a ban he received in France in 1995, after traces of – horreur! We are chatting in the Bath flat he shares with the hurdler Colin Jackson.

I grew up on a Cardiff council estate but if you’d asked the 16-year-old me where he was from he would have said Jamaica.

I was brought up as a Jamaican and I only associated with Jamaicans. I’d tell him the Welsh pride will come, but it was only in my late teens, wearing a Welsh vest that I recognised Welsh as my primary nationality.

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