Amibroker charts not updating

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This page documents all of the possible reasons why an Intraday chart will not update in real-time or during a replay, or the Intraday chart is blank.

Items with an * below are the more common causes and should be checked first.

Overview Requirements Installation FAQ Overview Norgate has developed an integration system for Ami Broker that creates a database for each of our data products.

The integration scripts that we provide automatically populate a large number of useful Amibroker symbol lists (Markets, Groups and Watchlists) and provide Watchlist updates.

The difference is not so significant with less bars, but still with even 300 bars, loop requires 0.1ms and array needs 0.01ms so it is 10 times faster.

So there are few guidelines for AFL coding: In order to help you in real-time monitoring of program performance, Ami Broker provides two tools.

So for best speed you should avoid loops at all replacing them with array processing, or at least make looping code as short as possible.

To overlay one indicator on another one, press LEFT mouse button on the indicator name, drag (with mouse button held) the chosen indicator into the destination pane and release the button.First is Performance monitor window, second is Performance indicator that is located on the right most side of the Ami Broker status bar.The status bar performance indicator shows: Load Factor is a percentage value that shows relative 'snappiness' of the program.As a result new indicator pane will be created and Parameters dialog will be displayed.Here you can change the properties of the indicator (like color or periods). (you will find the detailed description of parameters window below).

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